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The New River in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The New River, which winds through the heart of Downtown Fort Lauderdale, is a destination of its own, for many reasons. The river begins at the mouth of the Intracoastal Waterway, winding westward through Downtown Fort Lauderdale, continuing under I-95 and then trickling into a series of canals that connect to the Florida Everglades out west.

I’ll be giving you a tour of the world-famous New River that winds through the Downtown Fort Lauderdale area.

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The river is an amazing place to see the one-of-a-kind homes, yachts and boats of all kinds from across the world. Many thousands of Fort Lauderdale residents live along the river in homes of all kinds including single family homes, high rise condos, multi-million dollar estates and more.

As you cruise west past many gorgeous homes, you’ll quickly find yourself in the heart of Downtown Fort Lauderdale staring up in awe at towering high rise condo and apartment buildings. There are so many high rises on both sides of this stretch of river that it’s often called Condo Canyon. This is where the Riverwalk begins. This is a lush, tropical pedestrian walkway on both sides of the river.

As you can see, there are spectacular views not only from the ground level, but from the high rise homes as well. If you’re into boats, there’s plenty of eye candy to watch all day, every day.

The Riverwalk, which I mentioned earlier, allows for plenty of outdoor walking, jogging and exercise space along the river – Perfect for taking in all of the surrounding scenery. Dockage along the river for all kinds of boats is available directly from the city.

Have a paddleboard, canoe or boat? Here’s a PRO TIP! Directly east of the 3rd Avenue bridge on the south side of the river – Is a floating dock. It’s owned by the city and is perfect for launching and retrieving your watersport toys and for daytime docking at no cost. An adjacent driveway offers convenient vehicle access to the dock. If you’re boating, this is one of the few downtown locations where picking up and dropping off passengers is possible. Also, it’s a great place to marvel at the downtown scenery.

Back on the Riverwalk, continuing west, you can see why this is such a popular location for outdoor exercise. It’s this one-of-a-kind scenery that makes it so easy to forget that you’re in the heart of a city’s downtown district.

Luxury yachts of all sizes, including some that stretch into the 200+ foot range, call the New River home for part of the year while they undergo maintenance and retrofitting up the river.

Fort Lauderdale is known as the Venice of America thanks to the hundreds of miles of waterways that make Fort Lauderdale a boater’s paradise. The city is also known as the Yachting Capital of the World, because frankly, it’s easy to see why – Especially when you spend just a bit of time either on or along the river.

If you’re looking for a riverfront condo or apartment, there are plenty of options. Some include river, city and even ocean views. Yes, it’s possible to have panoramic views of the ocean from here.

High rise condos are available to purchase and rent from private owners – And I can also assist with high rise rental properties. Each property has its own set of unique resort style amenities and the high rises you see in this video offer studio to 3.5 bedrooms and span all price points.

Contact me and I’ll find the perfect home with the perfect view for you.

Along the river, there are plenty of places where you can hop onto the popular Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi, which will take you to various stops along the route. There are also a variety of riverfront restaurants with dockage available for boats.

Continuing west along the river is the Andrews Avenue drawbridge, followed by the train bridge. Watch the live streaming video of the bridge crossing here. Then, the river opens up and turns sharply to the left. Here, there are additional high rise homes available on both the north and south sides of the river.

Located directly on the New River, is the Broward Center for Performing Arts, home to many events throughout each year including Broadway musicals, operas, ballets, concerts and more. As you can see, there’s plenty of dock space here too.

Continuing along the river, the concentration of boats becomes only greater as you approach the Southwest 4th Avenue bridge which connects the north and south sides of the river.

Immediately after the bridge are several boat ramps, perfect for launching your boat into the river.

As the river flows past the immediate downtown area, passing by many boat slips along the way, it eventually splits into 2 directions – The North Fork, which eventually hits Broward Blvd (the end of boat traffic in that direction) – And the South Fork, which passes under Davie Boulevard and continues west under I-95 and beyond.

Little Florida, just past the South Fork of the river, is a multi-million dollar estate that from above, looks strikingly similar to the Florida peninsula.

Now that we’ve traveled the majority of the New River, let’s quickly head back in the other direction to recap what we’ve seen. We cruised through the heart of Downtown Fort Lauderdale, admired boats and yachts of all kinds, and waved at high rise condos and multi-million dollar waterfront estates. We’re now heading towards the beginning of the New River, where it meets the Intracoastal and ultimately the Atlantic Ocean.

As you can see, the New River is full of things to experiences – And places to live. I hope you enjoyed this video!

Whether you’re interested in a home along or near the New River in Fort Lauderdale, I’m available 24/7 for ALL of your real estate needs. I look forward to hearing from YOU soon!

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