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Hockey in Fort Lauderdale

Hockey fans rejoice!

Did you know there’s a bustling outdoor roller hockey scene in downtown Fort Lauderdale?

Here are some little known insights:

Holiday Park, located in the northwest corner of the Victoria Park neighborhood, is home to a variety of outdoor recreational sports amenities, including an outdoor roller hockey rink complete with 2 professional regulation nets and stands for spectators.  You’ll notice a second rink, which in recent years, has been converted into pickleball courts.  Back to hockey:

The hockey rink is available all hours that the park is open and in the evening hours you can usually find an impressive number of locals who have self-organized into regularly scheduled (and also spontaneous) pickup games.

When you enter the park from the US1 entrance, make a right at the first stop sign and follow the road around the curve until you see the restrooms pavilion and roundabout. Make a left immediately before and you’ll see there is plenty of free parking available directly in front of the rink, located in between the racquetball courts and dog park.


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