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Jason Taub - Realtor
Jason Taub - Realtor

How a Realtor Identifies the Correct Market Value of Your Property

In order to get just the right listing price, the property needs to be evaluated carefully, from a neutral perspective. Influenced by an emotional attachment to their properties, many sellers tend to add value to some distinguishing aspects of the house — its character, its quirks — not realizing that a potential buyer might consider those same things a hindrance.

Anything from room decorations, tapestries, or paint colors to more substantial structural features — basically, anything that requires renovations or costs money to remove — might not appeal to the client. That’s why a third-party evaluation is an important thing to consider before listing the property on the market. Take a step back, try to detach yourself from your home and look at it as just a house. Ignore all of your experiences there, and try to see it as a buyer would.

There are lots of variables that can affect a home’s pricing. These include size, location, number and quality of services in the area, availability of reliable public transportation services, among many others. Pricing will also be subject to the regular housing market pricing levels of the area, of course — no house is an island (or at least, not for the average buyer or seller!).

Homeowners lacking real estate agent-specific training and experience are faced with the almost impossible task of evaluating all of the aspects that affect the market price and the variables within that — many of which change with the seasons.

Real estate agents have extensive, current knowledge of the trends in the current marketplace and the contacts and resources to make sure that knowledge is up-to-date. They are also experts in pricing, and all the little details that affect it. They have the professional skills to evaluate the selling property neutrally, as they do not let their emotions affect the quality of their work.

If you’re considering selling your home and would like to maximize your return, let’s schedule a no-obligation analysis. Please contact Jason Taub, Fort Lauderdale Resident Realtor! Cell: (954) 663-6032.

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Native South Floridian. Resident of downtown Fort Lauderdale for 8 years. Served on the Board of Directors for condo association of 400+ units. Extensive knowledge of the Fort Lauderdale area and Broward County. Buy, Sell, Rent - I've got you covered.

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