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The LauderGO! Community Shuttle: FREE Transportation in Fort Lauderdale

The LauderGO! Community Shuttle is a FREE transportation option for City of Fort Lauderdale residents and visitors with 5 routes:

✅ Beach Link
✅ Las Olas Link
✅ Downtown Link
✅ NW Community Link
✅ Neighborhood Link

Each shuttle is air conditioned, wheelchair accessible and is designed to carry 2 bikes at the front exterior. The Shuttles are also equipped with ionizers that kill pathogens in the air and on surface.

Live tracking is available through the app and mobile + web versions which makes it extremely helpful so you see the shuttle’s ETA at each stop at any time.


➡️ Routes & More Info:  LauderGo! Community Shuttle Website
➡️ Shuttle Tracking via Google Maps
➡️ Shuttle Tracking via Web / Mobile
➡️ Shuttle Tracking via the App: iOS  | Android

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